Island RDN’s Get Healthy Challenge is not a fad diet program or challenge to see who can lose the most weight. Our 12 weekly lessons will teach you the basic of nutrition and challenge you to set goals that will build healthy eating habits. Once you learn to drop your bad habits and listen to your individual needs, then you have the tools to eat healthy for a lifetime.

Weight management is more than labeling foods and counting the number on the scale. It’s about, not only educating yourself on nutrition topics but, learning to listen to your body and building a positive and nourishing relationship with food. If you want to change your lifestyle to meet and maintain your weight loss and health goals than this challenge is perfect for you!

Only $59 for the entire 12 week program including weekly lessons, meal plans and recipes, and lifetime access to our online tracking system.

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Empower yourself with health education, lifestyle skills, & a support system that enable you to achieve your best possible health!

12 Weekly Lessons

Lessons use evidence-based approaches shown to not only help you lose weight, but also help improve blood pressure & blood sugar and reduce the risk of chronic illness.

Lesson 1: Introducing Goal Setting & Tracking in better
Lesson 2: Calories & Eating Frequency- How much and how often should you be eating?
Lesson 3: Reviewing Nutrition Basics
Lesson 4: Rethink your drink- Sugary Beverages & Alcohol
Lesson 5: Guide to Grocery Shopping & Reading Nutrition Labels
Lesson 6: Meal Prep 101- Healthy Eating at Home
Lesson 7: Personalized Meal Planning Guide
Lesson 8: All about Carbs
Lesson 9: All about Fat
Lesson 10: All about Protein
Lesson 11: Introducing Mindfulness
Lesson 12: The Mediterranean Diet

The Challenge Begins Every Month! Don’t miss this chance to finally meet your health goals!

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Personalized Meal Planning

The challenge provides 6 weeks of healthy meal plans including recipes. Plus! A personalized meal planning guide will teach you how to plan your own meals moving forward!

Online Support with better

Our secure online & mobile platform, better, makes for easy tracking, feedback, and access to challenge materials. You will receive an email to create your profile after you purchase the program. Each week of a challenge you will receive additional emails with notifications for when new lessons are available and reminders for tasks to complete.

Track your food, activity and other habits through our platform to receive feedback from your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. You can also send messages directly and securely to your RDN. Once you purchase the program, you will have unlimited access to the better platform for an entire year!

Multiple ways to easily log your food intake

Make notes of other lifestyle factors affecting your diet

Practice Better Online Platform

You won’t find a better diet program for the value! Don’t fall for another quick fix, start putting in the work today!