As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), I have a passion for helping others achieve a healthier life.  You don’t have to give up all the foods you enjoy to be healthy. Small lifestyle and diet changes can have a profound effect on your health. My nutrition philosophy is a diet-free mindful eating approach that emphasizes finding balance between fueling your body and loving the foods you eat!


Ayla Shaw- Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Owner of Island RDN

     Apart from my profession, like most of us, I play many roles… a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, an aunt, a sister. Juggling these roles often leaves us feeling stressed and burnt out. Too often we neglect our health in response. Working out, cooking healthy meals, and good hygiene fall to the way side. This is why I encourage my clients to live a healthy lifestyle by finding balance between their diet, their daily responsibilities, and their mental health! 

Knowledge is power! It is important to know what you are putting into your body. I work to educate and empower my clients to make better choices. Every food is a composition of nutrients. Your body needs those nutrients to survive, it just needs some more than others. When you eat a variety of foods in your diet, you are able to achieve the appropriate balance of nutrients to fuel your body effectively.

What diet works for one, doesn’t always work another! I believe in a personalized approach to nutrition and health.  I discourage restrictive diets and promote sustainable lifestyle choices. Remember, Life is short, so while you want to make it as long as possible, enjoy the foods you are eating!


Originally from the state of Georgia, before becoming a RDN, I worked for six years as a risk analyst for a large international insurance company. Inspired by an intimate battle with food and weight, I completed a Master degree in Nutrition during this time then moved to Connecticut for a year to complete my Dietetic Internship.

During my schooling I developed a passion for sharing my passion through writing. For the last year, I have been working as a clinical dietitian in the United States Virgin Islands, writing on the side, and building my vision of Island RDN.

Personally, I struggled with my weight for most of my twenties going on ridiculous diets and using expensive diet pills without any long-term success. Always a picky eater, I fought to get myself to eat “healthy” foods like vegetables. I constantly felt bloated, battled acne, and had horrible mood swings from skipping meals.

I thought I could find an easy way out through some “miracle product” that would allow me to eat pizza and chicken fingers every day yet not gain weight. Once I took the initiative to learn about basic nutrition and the three macronutrients, my whole perspective changed.

No longer worrying about what I weighed, I started worrying about what I was eating. I tried new foods and began implementing small sustainable changes in my daily routine: I ordered the side salad when I would’ve gotten fries; learned to limit myself to either bread or pasta at a meal, not both.

You know what? I felt fantastic! I didn’t have any bloating, my acne improved, and my mood swings settled down. These small changes eventually became my habits, and, bonus, the weight just started to disappear never to be seen again!

This led me to my personal slogan… Eat to Feel Good, Not to Look Good! Of course, if a better mood and weight loss are also side effects of a well-balanced diet, I ain’t complaining! Come see me and start your journey to feeling and looking good!