NUTRITION ADVICE IS CONFUSING! My Goal is to provide a resource for finding SCIENCE BASED NUTRITION INFORMATION. I will do my best to address current health trends as well as provide recipes and tips to encourage a healthy lifestyle! I am a resident of the United States Virgin islands and will try to provide advice directed towards the citizens of the Caribbean.

         Some of you may be asking yourself, why should I trust what this girl says? Well its not what I am saying, it’s what hundreds of years of scientific research have told us. Which disappointingly is a lot less than we would like to admit when it comes to nutrition and human metabolism. Seriously, anyone could have started this page and started posting bogus articles. 

         Well… actually that is what happens every single day. When Susie from high school becomes vegan, suddenly discovers “the secret to healthy eating”, and starts a blog to promote her new “expertise.” As someone with a background in research and statistics, a graduate degree in nutrition, and experience as a clinical dietitian, I feel an obligation to provide a resource for my patients (and anyone else interested) to help them navigate through the ridiculous amount of nutrition and health information being thrown at us.

        Feel free to message me any articles or post you see about nutrition, and I’ll let you know if the claims are evidence based!