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9 Recipes using Canned and Packaged Ingredients!

Good Day Everyone!

     It is a common belief that eating healthy is expensive and canned or frozen foods are somehow “less healthy”. This is not true! Canned, packaged and frozen foods can be used as affordable and nutritious ingredients in any meal! I’ve been working to put together some resources for healthy meals ideas using affordable ingredients available on island. These articles and recipes have been collected from other dietitians and will help use up those canned goods you have lying around!
Tip: For people with high blood pressure, be careful to watch the salt content of any canned foods you are using. Rinse and drain them well to help reduce the salt!
Check out this article by RDN, Dixya, which discusses
Most of these food can usually be found on St Thomas for reasonable prices. She gives
great tips for how to prepare them as well!
If you are still without electricity, you can use canned
vegetables instead of frozen in these recipes. Soups and stews are a good
option as they can be made on a gas stove top. Dry legumes, such as the beans
and lentils used in these recipes, are a good source of protein and nutrients
when you can’t buy and store meat.
Tortilla Soup  by Sharon Palmer RDN, The
Plant-Powered Dietitian
Red Lentil Stew with Root Vegetables by Sharon
Palmer RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian
Spicy Cowboy Quinoa by Island RDN

This is my first recipe post, inspired specifically for individuals in the Caribbean with limited resources and power. I make a variations of this quinoa dish all the time. I use it as a base for many dishes, but it is also a filling meal on its own and can be “beefed” up by adding canned tuna, chicken, or other meats. If you can’t find quinoa, this can be made instead with any grain!

Pasta Puttanesca by Judy RDN at LiveBest
     This recipe can be made using canned, jarred, and shell-stable ingredients. It uses anchovies, which I would traditionally stray away from but could be a good protein option post hurricane for those without electricity. Further, if you do not have power, this recipe can be prepared on a gas stove top.
Easy Pantry Dinner: Italian Broccoli, Barley, and Beans
by Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD at Eat Real, Live Well
I love this recipe! I recently stalked up on barley. I found it for $0.99/lbs and got 3 pounds to mail to St Thomas! This is a great combination of whole grains, vegetables, and beans. 

 Roasted Chickpeas!

This is one of my favorite snacks to make with canned beans.
If you have cans of garbanzo, or chick peas laying around. You can roast them
for a crunchy snack or add to salads for a little crunch!


Check out these sites from fellow dietitians, for more detailed instructions:

1. Crispy Garlic Chickpeas, by Julie at RDelicious!

2. Spiced Roasted Chickpeas 5 ways, by Amy Gorin RD

Chocolate Chip Protein Squares by Bracha, RDN at
BeeKay Nutrition
A creative way to use up all the cans of chickpeas you may have left lying around once power returns. I love chickpeas and am always looking for new ways to use them!
Broccoli Hummus Snack Bites by Jennifer Hunt RDN
Another great idea to use up canned beans lying around. I bet you could even try this recipe with beans
other than chickpeas, like black beans or white kidney beans. This also uses frozen broccoli. I typically  find broccoli in the frozen section of Pricemart for a reasonable amount.

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