#BEACHBODYPOSITIVE – Get the Perfect Beach Body in One Step

Every year we are inundated with diet fads and individuals looking for the secret to the perfect beach body (aka summer body if you’re landlocked). Millions of dollars are spent every spring and summer looking for that quick and easy way to get a “beach-ready” body before vacation. However, many individuals are continuously having to re-achieve their beach bodies each year after they “fall of the wagon”.

Do you want to stop yo-yo dieting and achieve your beach body once and for all?

Well the answer is simple, and once you embrace it you will have the perfect body for the rest of your life no matter what you eat or how often you workout! Are y’all ready to have your minds blown? You’ve been searching for this answer for years…..

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The secret to achieving the Perfect Beach Body is……..


Wait? What? I know some of you are thinking this girl may be crazy, but hear me out….

What if you stopped beating yourself up for not looking like some Hollywood ideal of a woman? and instead accepted yourself? I know, CRAZY, right?!?

I am by no means saying to let yourself go. What I want you to do is take the focus away from having the perfect beach body, and focus on being healthy. That means inside and out! THE FIRST STEP IS ACCEPTING YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE…RIGHT NOW. 

When we stop obsessing about the scale and what we look like in public, we are able to actually enjoy our lives and the people around us. I LIKE TO CALL THIS BEING #BEACHBODYPOSITIVE!


Don’t miss out on incredible experiences because you are more concerned with what you look like than what you truly have to offer the world…which is your mind, your heart, and your soul.

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Who has been that girl who skipped an event because they weren’t “bathing suit ready”? Not to mention everything you miss out on when you’re restricting your diet and spending hours everyday in the gym….we give ourselves way too much anxiety when it comes to our appearance.

Living in the Caribbean where bathing suits are worn year round, I have to make that choice almost daily. Before I moved here, I was extremely self-conscious about being in a bathing suit. If there was a day I felt “fat” I would refuse to do anything involving water.

Those days were often spent fasting and working out for hours preparing for the next time someone invited me to their pool or lake house. These restrictive behaviors often back-fired and resulted in episodes of binging. By the time the next invitation came, I still felt the same insecurity.

This is pretty ridiculous when I think back on it. It didn’t matter if I exercised regularly and ate well most of the time, I still hated my body and couldn’t get over what I saw as a flabby stomach. I would beat myself up for not doing more, and blamed myself for not being perfect.

After refusing invitations enough times, people eventually stopped asking, and I started to feel left out. I had to decide what was more important: having the “perfect body” or nurturing the relationships with my friends and family. Ultimately, when I moved to St Thomas I decided I would rather show my belly rolls and enjoy the amazing Caribbean beaches, than miss out on a fun day with friends because I am feeling a little insecure.


Once you become #BEACHBODYPOSITVE by accepting and loving yourself for who you are and what you have to offer (not what you look like) you can really begin to make sustainable changes in your life. Stepping away from body image ideals allows you to focus on what you need to become healthier, inside and out. Then you can start making behavior changes that will continue for the rest of your life.

Instead of a diet to temporarily drop weight, be #BEACHBODYPOSITIVE & commit to making a lifestyle change because you love yourself

You probably wont make it into that tiny bikini before this summer’s trip, but you may by next year and you’ll continue to wear it confidently for years to come!

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Need Help Reaching Your Weight Loss Goal?

Only you can make the changes needed to become healthy, but you don’t have to go on this journey alone! I offer one-on-one counseling to provide support and give you the tools you need to be successful in reaching your health goals. No judgement!

Concerned about cost? There is no better investment than your health! However, if you have private insurance or Medicare your services may be covered!

Contact Island RDN today for more information or to make an appointment!

**Disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with the “Beach Body” brand. I use the term as it refers to an individuals ideal of a perfect body type.

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