What to Eat to Burn Belly Fat

Do you want to know what foods will burn away your belly fat? Well, as a registered dietitian nutritionist I am here to tell you all my secrets to get ride of annoying belly fat.

The truth is, there is no one food or group of foods that will “melt away fat” and guarantee you a flat stomach. Our diet consists of a variety of foods and toning any specific body part requires targeted exercise and dedication.

Promising someone that cutting out bananas or white bread alone will give him or her a flat stomach is simply false advertising. Telling someone they need a certain diet program, supplement, or product to be healthy is a SCAM.

I see these scare tactics and falsehoods being promoted far too often in the wellness arena. As a certified nutrition professional, I hope I can use my platform to educate individuals on how to live a happy and healthy life, no fad-diets included!

How to burn belly fat island RDN registered dietitian nutritionist st thomas virgin islands

I want my client’s to realize that being healthy sometimes means accepting you may never have a perfectly flat stomach, but THAT’S OK. Obsessing about every calorie just to loose an extra couple pounds is NOT OK. It is never OK to sacrifice your mental health for your appearance.

This also doesn’t mean you are a bad person for wanting to lose weight or go down a few inches in your waist. However, being our healthiest selves means being in a healthy place inside and out.

How does one achieve their perfect beach body without sacrificing their mental health? Well, when it comes to diet choose nutritious foods you enjoy eating that provide a balance of macro-nutrients (carbs, fat and protein) with every meal.

How to burn belly fat Island RDN Nutrition St Thomas Virgin Islands

For healthy weight loss, focus on reducing your overall energy, or calorie, intake, limiting refined carbohydrates, and eating more high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Remember it is OK to indulge in moderation but try to save indulgences for special occasions when it really counts! The key to success is consistency so the more consistently you add healthy behavior to your daily routine the more likely you are to lose weight and keep it off!

Contact Island RDN today for more information about individual counseling and guidance to becoming your healthiest and happiest you!

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