5 Healthy Habits to Start Losing Weight

At times, we all need to jump start our lives and get back on track to eating well and moving more. If you are interested in improving your health and wouldn’t mind losing some weight…and keeping it off!…. Start by incorporating these healthy habits into your daily routine!

1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables. 5 healthy habits to loose weight. island RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist

Research supports individual who eat more fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of most chronic illnesses. The 2015 Dietary recommendations for Americans supports a high intake of fruits and non-starchy vegetables for the reduction is chronic illness. Aim for a minimum of 5 servings per day – 1 serving of fruits or vegetables is equal to about 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked.

2. Eat at least 3 times per day

Eat 3 times per day. 5 healthy habits to loose weight. island rdn, registered dietitian nutritionist

Finding a good eating pattern between 3-6 meals and snacks per day, whatever works best for you, can help curve your appetite and control cravings. If you are eating more than 6 times a day, odds are you are consuming too many calories. Similarly, if you are only eating 1-2 times per day, those meals- often eaten in extreme hunger- tend to be larger adding up to more energy than you need and throwing your hormones out of wack. The usual result…more body fat!

3. Drink more water and less sugary beverages

Drink more water. 5 healthy habits to loose weight. island rdn, registered dietitian nutritionist

Staying properly hydrated is important for good health as well as weight loss. Thirst, a symptom of dehydration, is often confused for hunger. Adequate hydration throughout the day will ensure you do not snack out of thirst. Additionally, by limiting calorie containing beverages you automatically reduce the amount of calories, or energy, you consume.

4. Eat more “smart carbs”

Eat more smart carbs. 5 healthy habits to loose weight. island rdn, registered dietitian nutritionist

While carbohydrates are often painted as the bad guy, research actually supports eating more whole grains and “smart carbs”, like potatoes, beans, and other starchy high-fiber plant foods, is good for your health!

5. Move more!

Move more. 5 healthy habits to loose weight. Island RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist

Everyone talks about the importance of exercise to lose weight. But what they don’t always tell you is you don’t have to be hitting the gym or yoga class everyday. Replacing 30 minutes of sitting each day with low to moderate intensity exercise, like walking, is associated with a lower waist circumference and an increase in healthy HDL cholesterol.

To learn more healthy lifestyle habits keep following me here or make an appointment for one-on-one counseling!

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