Turmeric “Fried” Rice

Back in my college days, fried rice was all the rage! Co-ed's flocked to several popular Japanese restaurants in Athens, Ga for a cheap but gigantic portion of fried rice that often lasted several meals. While I am sure those dishes from my school days were loaded with sodium, I still become nostalgic. However, I… Continue reading Turmeric “Fried” Rice


Why You Should Eat More Whole Grains

Good Day Y'all! I am hearing news of good progress on St Thomas, and I simply cannot wait to get back this week! Since I posted a lot of recipes last week, this post is focusing more on nutrition education and today's topic is Whole Grains! The benefits to eating whole grains are numerous. In… Continue reading Why You Should Eat More Whole Grains


Honey Garlic Shrimp

Like many individuals, I chose to come home for a couple months after the hurricanes in the Caribbean devastated the Virgin Islands. I have been using this time to visit and catch up with old friends. This week I am visiting friends in South Carolina. To pay for my room and board, I have been… Continue reading Honey Garlic Shrimp