Turmeric “Fried” Rice

Back in my college days, fried rice was all the rage! Co-ed's flocked to several popular Japanese restaurants in Athens, Ga for a cheap but gigantic portion of fried rice that often lasted several meals. While I am sure those dishes from my school days were loaded with sodium, I still become nostalgic. However, I… Continue reading Turmeric “Fried” Rice


Sweet & Spicy Maple Roasted Cauliflower

Roasting vegetables is my favorite and THE BEST way to eat cauliflower in my opinion. If you have been on the fence about cauliflower, check out this recipe or try roasting it. I promise you will not be disappointing! I sometimes get into a rut and cook my vegetables the same way, so for this… Continue reading Sweet & Spicy Maple Roasted Cauliflower


5 Reasons Eating Fiber Will Make You Live Longer

    We all want to live as long as possible to enjoy our time here with family and friends. Millions of dollars each year are spent into the health and diet industry to achieve this goal. However, the answer may be a lot simpler than you think.... FIBER!! I started this post a while… Continue reading 5 Reasons Eating Fiber Will Make You Live Longer