Quick Guide to Low Sodium Nutrition

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, kidney failure, or liver disease your doctor may have recommended you follow a low sodium diet. Sodium is important for our bodies but too much attracts fluid into your blood stream increasing pressure inside the blood vessel. High blood pressure for long periods of time can… Continue reading Quick Guide to Low Sodium Nutrition


Balsamic Snap Peas

Snap Peas have become an obesssion of mine recently. Something about that first bite, or snap, has me coming back for more and more. This recipe I threw together while staying with a friend. We are both avid gardeners so we threw in a few peppers from her garden and some cherry tomatoes from mine.… Continue reading Balsamic Snap Peas


Nutritional Yeast: What Can It Do For Your Heart

I've been hearing this term and seeing it pop up on recipes as a low sodium, dairy-free cheese substitute. Considering a large portion of my patients struggle with hypertension and other cardiovascular aliments, I have decided to do a little digging into Nutritional Yeast and its benefits related to heart disease. What Is Nutritional Yeast?… Continue reading Nutritional Yeast: What Can It Do For Your Heart

Recipe Roundup

25 Low Sodium Recipes

High blood pressure, or hypertension is an epidemic in the Caribbean. Caribbean cuisine is traditionally high in sodium resulting from geographical isolation and the need to preserve foods in the hot and humid environment. This meant adding salt. Today, with the invention of refrigeration we no longer need to heavily salt foods to preserve them.… Continue reading 25 Low Sodium Recipes